New to this... TV help

Hello all! I’m new to this non WMC HTPC thing and coming from WMC I have so many questions I don’t know where to start but I guess I’ll begin with my immediate problem… TV playback.

I have a RPi3 B running a new I of OSMC using OSMC installer. I’ve changed clock from 900 to 1200 but not much else… I’m lost. Back end is a Windows machine running NextPVR. When I go to play live TV the video is very sluggish and several seconds behind the audio (which sounds fine).

I’ve read I may need to buy codecs which is fine but I want to make sure that’s my problem before doing that (I know they’re cheap).

I’ve uploaded a log… Not sure if the correct one to be helpful but figured I’d at least try.

Like I said I’m new so go easy on me please. I’m pretty tech savvy but I been working with MS Windows for 20 plus years so old habits die hard and the gradual switch to Linux based products has been a little painful for me… Feel free to talk to me like I’m an idiot (I am when it comes to this).

Thanks for and help (and patience)!!

You should just select normal overclock in the MyOSMC settings. This will ensure all rpi3 clock settings are set to default.

You will almost certainly see improvement.

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Only options in OC are normal (900) Turbo (1000) and custom. That’s why I did custom to get the RPi3 1200… Not sure why that wasn’t default.

I’ll look into getting codecs… Any Nov guides here in how to get them working correctly?

Thanks for the helpfull reply!!

If you use normal and reboot, it will work fine. It’s just not been optimized for RPI 3 yet.

Just wait for the email to arrive that includes them and input them in MyOSMC followed by a reboot.

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Okay tried switching OC settings from Turbo and back to Normal several times with a reboot each time a no luck… Still says frequency is 900 for normal. Any chance OSMC thinks this is a Pi2? Just a guess I have no clue.

Thanks for your help!

Where are you reading this? In the MyOSMC addon? Because that’s currently not an accurate indicator of what clock speed is set to on an Rpi3.

Set it to normal, reboot, then provide a set of logs. The log will show the current clock speeds.

Yes, from the OSMC overclock section… I did just notice that when I go to Settings>System Info>Hardware it’s showing CPU Speed at 1200 so probably just much ado about nothing, sorry.

Here’s logs anyway

I’ll work on getting codecs and hope that fixes my TV playback.

Thanks again for all your help!!!

14:31:26  15.612988 T:1956303792  NOTICE: Config:

Yep! Good to go!

Well got the codecs in finally (toom almost 5 days) and it worked great. TV playback is flawless now. Thanks again for all your help!!

Great to hear! Enjoy!

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