New to VPN and can't find answers

I have a Vero 4k. I want to install Surfshark VPN. I have the 4k plugged into the TV. I do not have a keyboard attached, its just a simple setup.

When I power up the 4k it loads kodi 18.5 and that’s it. How do I install Surfshark VPN? Please keep the answer very very simple. I’ve spent hours trolling the internet for an answer, but just can’t find anything. Thanks I’m at the point of selling it and going back to the firestick.

Thanks Tom, I’ve seen this post and didn’t understand it ‘sudo unzip configurations’ what does that mean?


should be:

sudo unzip

Thanks Tom.

Thanks Tom, but I am at a complete loss with this. I need an idiots guide, step by step method of installing this VPN telling me ‘sudo unzip S…’ is totally lost on me. I have never use Linux I know nothing.


You need to access to the commandline:

Then if you follow the steps in the topic I posted, you should be able to get vpn up and running.

Thanks Tom.

You can also use Zomboided , easy to install

Go to you computer and download the latest version from here :-Releases · Zomboided/service.vpn.manager · GitHub

Then copy the zip file onto a usb stick and then pop the usb stick into your Vero4.

On your Vero4 go to settings > addon browser then install from zip, then find the usb stick in Media and look for the Zomboided zip , pick and install.

Once installed go through the setup wizard and choose Surfshark , the install is easy, Username password etc.

The advantage of Zomboided is you can change VPN services without having to reinstall stuff .

Hope this helps , this should be accurate info but doing it from memory as at work twiddling my thumbs :).