New update and squeezelite


after i did the OSMC update on my RPI1 yesterday squeezelite doesn’t work anymore. Have you changed something with the audio? I get “no soundcards found…” when running “aplay -l”.

No – but it sounds like your ALSA module isn’t loaded. Does modprobe snd_bcm2835 help? You need to add that to /etc/modules if you want it to load on startup. This has always been the case.


I had this in /etc/modules from the beginning because without this squeezelite doesn’t work. There must be something with the update that messed this up.

I don’t think so, or we would have had more reports. A log will certainly help us see what the issue may be. What happens when you run sudo modprobe snd_bcm2835?

It just executes it. No error or anything like that. Which log do you need?

I have the same issue on my RPi 2 - I’d installed mpc and added snd_bcm2835 to /etc/modules so that I could use mpd, and all was fine. After yesterday’s update, snd_bcm2835 was apparently loading OK, with no errors, and showing up in lsmod, but no ALSA devices were available in Kodi and ‘aplay - L’ no longer showed any soundcards, just null.

Default HDMI sound from Kodi still worked.

System log contains ‘systemd-modules-load[138]: Inserted module ‘snd_bcm2835’’ and no obvious errors.

I’ve verified that the update is breaking it: I just inserted a card with the Oct 2015 (which was working a couple of days ago), checked with aplay -L, then let it update and verified that it was no longer working.

Logs (after update) at:

I’ve got some spare SD cards so I’ll download a clean image and see if it is working on that… (EDIT: when the November images appear on the download site…)

@popcornmix reminded me just now that Linux 4.3 has dropped non-Device Tree support.

Latest 4.3 kernel has dropped non-DT support. That means “platform” devices (stuff registered from bcm2708.c) no longer exist and must be registered from DT. So correct way to get snd-bcm2835 module is not with modprobe, but with dtparam=audio=on in config.txt.

If you add dtparam=audio=on in to config.txt, it should work, and you won’t need to modprobe snd_bcm2835 anymore. We’ll get this added to My OSMC -> Pi Config for next update.

CC @Karnage



Yes i confirm that this is the solution. It started right away after adding this.


Works for me, too - many thanks.

stumbled on this after LMS stopped working…thanks!

This solution helped me a lot as also game emulators under Retrosmc were affected