New update today - Now all recordings do not show

There are 48 recordings in TVHeadend (Running on separate hardware). Only 11 are shown in OSMC. They are all recording that we have seen parts of.

How do I fix this?

Are they all recorded on the same disk volume? Are the files still there on that volume?

If you’ve still got the files, then the simplest thing to do is make your TVrecordings directory a source and just play them as videos. You will lose the watched status.

Yes, they reside on a RAID-disk in the basement. They are very much there in TVHeadend. It is just that they do not show up in OSMC and neither do new recordings.

(Ie, they are perfectly visible i the TVHeadend web interface)

I CAN copy the files to a dir that OSMC “sees” that is what we do for stuff that we want to save (TVHeadend is set to autodelete after a year) but that is hardly a workaround that is acceptable to the rest of the family.

This worked yesterday, but today’s update broke it.

Try rebooting

Already tried that. Rebooted both OSMC and the TVHeadend server.

What exactly did today’s update do? Can I undo it?

Edit: The PVR status does show the correct number of recordings. The one under system where you see the TVH version etc.

OK. This was PEBCAK. Someone else had clicked OK on the update and then done “something”. This something was enabling the filter to only show “watched”.

Now, remember… My TV has that screen issue where all the context menus are halfway off-screen so it is very easy to inadvertently change something whilst trying to get back to the screen.

Ah, good. Glad you found it.