New UPS for Raspberry Pi - S.USV

Dear community,

We are a German company which created an UPS for the Raspberry Pi named “S.USV” and we would
like to ask for your opinion. Our uninterruptable power supply with integrated
charger and mobile application is compatible with all Raspberry Pi models.

Currently we are only represented on the German market. We really would like to know what
functions would be interesting for you guys? Or if there is a general need of
an uninterruptible power supply for your Pis.

Here the main functions are listed:

  • HAT compliant UPS Module
  • Compatible with Pi 3 and Pi 2 Model B, Pi A+, Pi B+
  • Adapter solution for Pi Model A and B
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • Plug & Play
  • Monitoring – System
  • Intelligent software solution
  • Built-in LiPo battery (300mAh) with adjustable charging function
  • Battery Management Controller
  • Battery Monitoring System
  • Power input with extended voltage range of 7-24 volts
  • Integrated Real Time Clock
  • Time-controlled on and off switching of the Raspberry Pi
  • LED – Status display
  • Bootloader for Live – Firmware Updates

Thank you so much
for your help.

Wish you a nice day!


My 5 cents; simplicity is a winner here, so a hat sounds like overkill. A little black box with the battery, power out (USB) and a way to shut down neatly (perhaps over USB together with a “driver” on the Pi) would be more than enough. The other features are nice extras, but don’t do much toward making sure the filesystem or databases don’t get corrupted if the power goes away.

Thanks for your feedback.
We noticed it and will discuss it in further meetings.

BUT our basic variant is limited to the main feature of ups and costs correspondingly less.


I like the extended voltage feature. This would be nice to use with a high quality barrel laptop charger. It should REALLY have a separate 5V USB output jumper (or two) for powering external USB hubs… another jumper for powering a 5-12v fan would be nice … and jumpers for a on/off switch a’la ATXRaspi.

It also ‘needs’ the pi3 cpu area open so that a heatsink can be installed through-board.

FYI, I currently use a UPS PIco - Uninterruptible Power Supply (HV3.0B+) | The Pi Hut

Thanks for your comments. The extended input range is ideally suited for these applications, also for use in the car or at 24V controls, this feature is a useful option.

We currently plan new revisions where 5V USB outputs are provided. The idea of the fan sounds interesting, we will discuss that in our team meeting.

As you can see both versions of the UPS already have corresponding buttons for turning on and off the Raspberry Pi.

Furthermore, we have an integrated real-time clock. This allows the Raspberry Pi to be ramped up to a desired time.

More information can be found in our data sheets.
Datasheets S.USV

Have the buttons use a header so the buttons can be mounted when used in a car.

We have placed through hole vias on the PCB for connecting any user defined buttons on the S.USV. Thus you have the possibility to choose you own buttons, place it somewhere in the car and solder it through the vias directly on the S.USV!