New user has question regarding image quality


I am a new user of the platform and I am looking for some guidance.

Today I received my vero 4k+, I installed the latest updates and put on a movie and I was disappointed by the image quality. I played a 1080p H264 mkv file. Out of the box, the black values were rather grey on my full hd OLED tv and the image was grainy compared to the standard player of the LG TV. I have tried some adjustments in the settings window with no results. can someone give some advice on settings to increase the quality. Currently I have reset all settings to default.

thanks in advance!


We disable noise reduction by default but it can be enabled if you wish.

We haven’t had complaints about picture quality.

Could you let us know the model of your TV?
Can you also let us know if this happens with all files or just some?


I put all settings of my tv on default and it works fine now. thanks for the quick response, it is solved now.

Glad to hear this.
Could you let us know the model of your TV, as it may help other users.