New user questions

Hi, little magic box new user here. Blown away basically, have been using ps3/universal media server for…is it 15 years now? This is a whole new world.

Some things im wondering about:

  1. How do I bind the remote-volume buttons to my amplifier?
  2. Can I buy an extra spare remote? (have kids and a normal wife ie a wife who doesnt respect electronics)
  3. In the video calibration, should I set the active picture just behind the edge - or the blue arrow just behind the corner?
  4. The subtitles position doesnt affect my subtitles?? Do I have to tune them with the picture overscan setting instead?
  5. How do I see the path to a movie from the browser like in the infowall is it possible?
  6. This should be number 1 really, but how do I backup my profiles with the library and everything? Id like to do this asap since I used over a week of fixing.

How can you control your amp? CEC or IR?

You should not use Video Calibration, but jsut set your TV on respective mode!

Can you explain more details what you want to achieve.

Backup Program under MyOSMC

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  1. I control my amp via IR I think, its a Yamaha 3060.

  2. Extra Remote - lol thanks!

  3. What do you mean “set your tv on respective model”?
    Problem was:

On Kuro Plasma:
The picture from media fills the screen good.
But the icons from kodi was behind the edge so I had to go to 6% overscan in the interface settings.
(might be not connected but wanted to say this anyways)

On the projector:
The picture doesnt fill the entire screen even tho it is perfectly filled from all my other sources - hence I felt I needed to calibrate the overscan, however the overscan for the interface as changed on the plasma did not affect the picture if im remembering correctly on the projector, so I stretched it out in the video-calibration.

As you can see my Plasma and my projector handles the picture a little different but this is the first time from any device it has been not filling the picture.

  1. Since I have media spread over many discs some of the movies have been accidentaly on more then one storage, so the movie will show up twice in the browsing. It would be extremely helpful to see where the different (but same) movies come from bc this will show me wich one I want to delete. Offcourse I can go to my server and search for the item, but to see the source directly would be faster since I can delete it directly with the remote, the path info would be useful.

  2. Thanks, where do I find the help for this? I suspect I need to format a usb-stick in linux format wich I wil handle but cant really do from memory and also i need to knopw the filesystem etc right?

You would need a IR Transmitter, I forgot if Vero4k includes it. I think @sam_nazarko can comment

Activate “Delete and Rename” option. Forgot exact location but somewhere “Settings” → Media or Library

Unfortunately no specific help. But you either need a USB stick (format doesn’t matter as Linux can write most of them) or a NAS where you can save it. Just go to the menu item is relative self explaining.

I believe there is an ir-add-on in the box so if this can resend the volume-up/down to my yamaha its really good. I just cant find any guide as to how to go about doing it. I dont even know where to start.

That’s not an ir sender. It’s a receiver extension for those who wish to hide the box.

Ah yeah offcourse. Well I can add the vero 4k to the harmony then for the family, but I personaly love the small formfactor of the vero remote. I dont think my yamaha takes anything but IR tho so i might be screwed in mapping the volume-buttons for me.

Do you know what IR codes it receives?


No I dont, I have been trying to figure it out and also search my drive for clues in the Harmony-folders but I cant find it :(.

You can use irrecord (after you disable mediacenter) to check what your original remote sends for volume up/down.
But you would need a IR Transmitter to then sent those codes to your amp.
Currently the Vero IR Transmitter is still under testing so only option would be a USB IR Transmitter but not sure which one would be supported at this moment.
So my recommendation put this requirement to the side for the time being and revisit it in half a year

Sounds good.

Regarding question 5…not sure what button you would use on the OSMC remote, but on a generic Media center remote there is usually an “info” button. Hit info then there are several tabs or screens and one of them usually shows the path to the file towards the bottom.

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