New User Stuck on Blue Kodi Category Page, Can't Get Out

Yes, I’m new & I’ve had Kodi up and running for 3-4 days. I was checking out the menu & got stuck with the Kodi selection page. Categories on the Left in black are listed top to bottom

TV Shows

Over in the center of the page in blue there’s a message says

                   Your Library is currently empty etc,,, 3 sentences long.

                   2 Choices enclosed in dark blue boxes

                   Enter files section         Remove this main menu item 

When I turn Kodi on, I get the advertisement page & select Settings to open Kodi no problem. Except instead of getting program selections I get this blue menu screen. I know this is very silly & probably obvious, but if you know how to get me back on track & watching Amazon again I’ll owe you Bigly, thanks

Take a photo so we can see what you mean

What device are you running on? OSMC provides no method of watching Amazon content.