New user Vero 2 problem


Received my vero 2 today. Out of the box it would boot up and then from the home screen I would be a non smiling face then it goes back to the home screen and then non smiling face and it just loops like this then the screen goes blank.
I have done the reinstall and used the toothpick but it just continues.

Any help appreciated

Have you installed any add-ons or anything on the device?

No. straight out of box

That’s very odd. Are you able to connect to the device via SSH? If you can, run grab-logs -A and post the link here.


Won’t even boot up now. The please wait logo comes up then the screen goes blank. The blue light on the front of the box is on all the time.

Cannot ssh if not booting?

If it isn’t booting you will need to contact us to get an RMA.