New vero 4+ turns on and crashes after a few seconds

Hi, I’m a first time user and just got in my new vero 4k+ .
After plugging it in for the first time I was going through the configuration process and it just shut down, my tv saying no signal…
So I waited for a while because I thought it was restarting and nothing. I had to pull the plug and replug it to get the vero back on. The problem is after the blue osmc logo screen it just keeps shutting down, sometimes It gets to the menu but it doesn’t last even a minute and crashes or shuts down, i don’t know…
any thoughts on this, has anyone had anything similar happen?


Sorry for the late reply – I am currently travelling.
I’m sorry to hear this isn’t working as expected.

Do you have a USB stick or micro SD card handy? You could try reinstalling the operating system following the instructions here: Reinstalling OSMC - Vero 4K - OSMC. I suspect this will resolve your issue.



Hi , so i’ve finally had some time to reinstall the osmc OS version 2020.11-1 and everything went well up to the part when I was configuring my vero and it shut down again.

I restarted my vero and it started up but a few seconds later powered off/shut down again.

Afterwards I was going to try installing a different version of osmc ( version 2020.10-1 ) and after the “60s warning message” it shut down again not giving it time to install the OS.

Quick update, the vero stayed on long enough to install version 2020.10-1 OS but still crashes / shuts down afterwards.

One thing I noticed is the more I insist on turning on the vero the faster it crashes, and if I leave it for a day when I turn it on for the first time it stays on for maybe about 3 min max. After that if I try again It’ll shut down after 30s and sometimes not even get to the menu screen.

Sounds like a likely power supply issue. @sam_nazarko should be able to help but his response is likely delayed as he is currently out of town. I’m sure he’ll respond soon though.

I was thinking a faulty power cable/ adapter…
I’m no expert but my guess is it’s heating up or something😞

Is it warm to the touch when it’s on?
Otherwise – just chuck an order number to and we’ll send you a new power supply



Hi again. I have sent an email to like you suggested on the 14-06-21 and haven’t received any reply yet.


I replied to this earlier today. Once you confirm your address is the same, I’ll get this out for you promptly.