New Vero 4K+ incoming. Best NAS connection methods?

Finally pulled the trigger on a replacement for my RPi3B this evening! So excited and can’t wait for an early Santa to arrive bearing my gift to self.

I’ve been considering multiple options for a while - RPi4/NvidiaShield/IntelNUC but I’ve decided it’s time to pay things back.

I’ve been using OSMC for probably all eight years’ of its existence for free and absolutely LOVE the interface (I struggle to go back to stock KODI, with any skin, now with how beautiful and intuitive the OSMC stock skin/menu is).

So, thanks Sam for all your hard work, sorry I’m only just now starting to pay for it…

Anyway, up until now my Buffalo LinkStation NASs have connected to my RPi via Samba - is this advisable moving forward with the Vero, or might NFS/another method be better?

Do you have a Gigabit Ethernet LAN? Then Samba is good enough.
You just need NFS if you have 100 Mbit Ethernet as it is more efficient than Samba

For a player that isn’t hosting any storage you only need as much bandwidth as the content your playing requires. Anything more doesn’t really provide any tangible benefit. So, even though generally speaking NFS is going to provide a more efficient connection vs SMB, and a system mount is going to usually be faster than internal Kodi network file paths, for most people any of them is more than fast enough for everything they are trying to play. Thus, I would recommend to just do what you find easiest to configure and then play the largest file you have. If that plays without issue then call it a day.

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