New Vero 4K new setup - Windows shares

Just got the box and about to start connecting and configuring. The initial wikis are helpful, but want to make sure I’m not charging ahead and screwing something up that will cascade through the rest of the setup.

I’ll be using a powered usb hub to connect multiple hdd enclosures attached directly to the Vero.
My requirements isn’t that I need to stream from my Windows PC (will use media/library via Kodi), but that I can file transfer across the network. hard wired ethernet.

So I’d need to be able to see each of my hard drives from the Windows PC.
I’m seeing notes about smb/samba being EOL so the recommendation is fstab, correct?

That said, out of the box, once I achieve connectivity, and updates are applied, do I begin by installing apps such as Kodi, and then a command line interface to run the scripts necessary for fstab installation and subsequent networking shares?

Thanks for reading, and please feel free to link me on to articles or how to’s I haven’t seen yet. Just pumped to get it up and running.


If I’m understanding you correctly, you want to share files from the Vero to the PC? If that’s the case all you need to do is install the Samba server (found in the MyOSMC App Store). That will allow you to share your drives connected to the Vero to Windows systems.

You do not need to use fstab in this case. fstab is used to mount shares from other systems.

I’m not sure what you mean about smb being EOL. Unfortunately M$ is not going to go away from SMB anytime soon that anyone is aware of. If you are thinking about why we recommend fstab instead of Kodi mounts is just because the Kodi implementation of SMB is not as good as using the linux kernel (fstab mounts).

Thanks, yeah I thought the smb was that it was being terminated vs the poor performance or security issues. My bad.

Actually for the file sharing it’s the reverse - I want to be able to transfer files from PC to the Vero.
My library will be connected to the Vero via USB attached hdd enclosures, but I want to be able to access those hard drives form my Windows PC across the network.

I wasn’t clear, but I think we are on the same page.

You will have the drives connected to the Vero and will need to access them from a Windows PC to read/write, correct?


Samba server is all you will need then. Enjoy your new Vero 4K :smiley:

SMBv1 has been deprecated but modern versions are supported by OSMC. You should be able to install the app and that will be it


I have the same request as temujin69.

Samba is installed.
Vero can see all my pcfiles.
NO problem

But my pc can t see any files from my vero usb hd attached.

And i would like to tranfer my pc files to the vero using my network !

Thanks and sorry for my poor english…

Did you install the Samba Server in MyOSMC?

yes i did

Than does \\<IP of OSMC>\ shows you the shares of the Vero?

sorry but what do mean by \\ ?

i m a lambda windows users…

Well you open Windows Explorer and type this into the address line to access your Vero via samba

ok :slight_smile:

i m french so i will try to translate the pop up error from windows
windows can t access to \192.168.x.xx\

Assuming that you used the right IP I guess we have to start looking at the Vero side.
Can you provide logs either via GUI MyOSMC or command line grab-logs -A

OK i did what you ask !

i can transfer using filezila but i can t using windows explorer…

When you run grab-logs -A, you get a URL, which you need to post here so we can diagnose the problem and help you get your device running as it supposed to.

here it is

That looks all fine. What is the error message you get when you put \\\ into explorer.
Also you may want to try in windows command line net view \\

When i try with explorer i have the following error message :
network error
windows can t access to __192.168.1.13

i choose diagnos
diagnostic is : osmc is found but didn t accept the link

this is a french translate…

with net view : a pop up appear and close
nothing happen