New Vero 4k newbie

Ok so never used a kodi box before total newbie.
all i want to do is stream my video ,music ,pictures from my windows 10 pc through the vero 4k .
up until this time i used my sony blu ray player and servio worked very well ect some of the audio types are not supported hence the vero 4k purchase
all plugged in inc network cable but im lost as where to find my windows shared folders using the vero.
please advise.:blush:

Ok it’s unfortunately not anymore straightforward as due to security concerns (Wanna Cry) SMB browsing has been disabled. You have three options:

  1. Activate smb1 under settings - services - SMB Client. Then you should be able to browse for your PC

  2. Add your PC manually via the Add Host option choosing SMB and use syntax smb:\IP Adress\Share

  3. Add your PC via Fstab

ok cant see smb client i am in services ?

sorry ive no idea where fstab or any of the other settings are ,like i said im a total newbie.
i need a step by step im afraid.
thanks for the help

There is a step by step tutorial, you just need to use the search button in top-right area :wink:: Configuring fstab based Samba share mounts

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Change Settings level to Advanced.

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ok found the advanced settings and the smb client .
ive put my workgroup computer name in the box and changed the protocol version to SMBv1 now what ?

Now you should find your PC when you go to eg Videos / Files / Add Videos / Browse /Windows Network (SMB)

mmmm no cant .ok got to go out will sit and have a play later.
i must admit i thought i would be able to just plug and play kind of thing with this vero 4k .
just to play my video files .im guessing maybe ive jumped in without realising
ok im sure you very helpful chaps will help me along .
much appreciated…:blush:

Unfortunately because of SMB security problems, mounting shares isn’t as easy as it used to be.

It’s the same for all devices that have security fixes though; so not unique to the Vero 4K

ok as long as it will do what i need its fine if not i will just send it back.
its a lot of money for a kodi box ,nut i thought it but be easy for my needs …

We understand the frustration when something doesn’t work out of the box.

That’s because it is the Kodi box. The initial outlay is higher, but the device has a five year life cycle. So when other device users have to replace their unit after a few months because it’s not updated, you will not.

The security changes will also be part of all new versions of Kodi on modern devices; so using another device wouldn’t resolve this issue.

We also (hopefully) offer good support, so if you let us know what you can see (you can attach photos if necessary), we can get you up and running quickly. I think this is the next step for you:

You’ll probably have the same issues with any Kodi box. At least with this one you get excellent support.

The customer has decided to return it instead as we disable SMB browsing by default for security reasons.

no comment!

i will return the vero if i cant get help to set it up ,i really thought it would be plug and play for my needs !

Sam has kindly agreed to help a thickie like me try and set it up …:blush::blush:

I think it’s important to note here that the entire problem is due to changes in Windows and Kodi and the way that samba (windows sharing) functions between them. This is not an issue that OSMC created. We are working towards a solution to make the integration more user friendly, but these things take time and OSMC is a small team of limited resources.

Samba has never been pain free, in my experience. Browsing to my samba share hasn’t worked in any version of kodi, right back to XBMC on the original XBox.

Windows just doesn’t play nice with Linux.

Which Windows-Version? If it’s 10 i may help u. :wink: Need to set a Reg.key!