New Vero 4K+ Not booting up

Hi everyone,

On powering On the device, I get the Please Stand By in the middle of the screen, followed by loading text and immediately it goes in blue screen with a sad smiley face. After a few seconds, the picture goes black for a second and the blue screen with the sad smiley face re appears. This goes on in an endless loop.

I already opened a support ticket. Perhaps there is an easy fix to solve it.

While it’s doing this, can you SSH into it? If so then try this:

systemctl stop mediacenter
mv .kodi
systemctl start mediacenter

The will reset Kodi to default settings. If that works we can go from there to try and figure out what happened.

The device is new and I don’t know it’s IP.

I tried looking for it in the DHCP table but it looks like it’s not even arriving at this stage of requesting an IP

Maybe something went wrong during initial boot, you may want to try a reinstall from USB or SD Card.

I would suggest reinstalling OSMC, which should resolve your issue


Reinstalled the OS as per the suggestion above and it is now working.

Thank you

I’m glad to hear this and apologise for the initial inconvenience.