New Vero 4k+ only red cross glowing

Hi all,

I just got new Vero 4k+ and when I plug it into power, only what I get is glowing red cross. I searched forum here, but found no help. My problem is that that cross stays glowing red (not turning off, not going blue, whatever), no matter what I do. And ofc I get no picture on TV. Tried even other TV, directly hdmi without receiver, still the same.

Any help? I can ofc return it back, but I wanted some plug and play repleacement for old Popcornhour for HD movies, so if there is something how to make it work, I would try that first.

Ty for any help.

Do you have the power supply directly connected to the wall outlet and not in a power bar?

Power bar (same spot, swaped with PCH), but tried also others outlets elswhere…still only red cross. I guess I cant update it or something if its red?

If you don’t get a picture there is hardly any chance, while you could try to reinstall via SD Card and toothpick method. So unless you have another power supply with the same technical specs you might need to ask @sam_nazarko to sent you a replacement power supply.

So you think it might be power supply problem? When attached usb HDD it startet to spin (and LED diode lighting aswell), so there is some power in Vero. I guess it will be easy to just send it back to seller (not directly Sam).

Try first with nothing else connected.
Also as mentioned you might want to try to reinstall via SD card

Tried also only power connected, just red cross.

Tried now this Reinstalling OSMC - Vero 4K - OSMC, as I suppose its that toothpick reinstall you said. Both steps (reinstallation, troubleshooting), nothing, just still red cross. Tv react, from No signal, it becomes just black screen when I plug it to power.

Think I will send it back, im out of ideas :slight_smile: Ty for your time.

It will be a PSU issue rather than a problem with the device. The unit would’ve been booted and tested before dispatch.

If you contact with your order number, we will send you a new PSU.
We recommend plugging the device directly in to the wall and avoiding extension leads etc.


I didnt ordered it from OSMC, I bought it form one (and only:) local seller in my country, so no new PSU, as i have only order number from theirs shop.

Ok. We can still send you a new PSU; as it will likely be quicker.


Hm, might work. Should i use PM for more details?