New Vero 4K+ setup questions

I’m still setting up my new 4K+. Transferring the settings from my 4K was too daunting so now I have both Veros running side by side, and it only takes a couple of clicks to compare every setting screen with the other. Happily, each of the two remotes only works on the correct Vero, so this helps.

  1. I’m using the Estuary skin on both devices. The new Vero has a slightly brighter appearance than the old. If possible, I’d like to dim it a little. And or adjust the colors slightly. Is this possible?

  2. After I told the new Vero where to look for videos, I was a little dismayed to find it going online via the Movie Database. I mean, all I want the Vero to do is look into my networked computer’s various hard drives for files. There’s no reason to check out any online databases.

  3. If I can prevent the online search from happening, I’d like to clear the video database and start again. If necessary, I wouldn’t mind resetting the 4K back to zero, so I can start again. How to clear the database, then?

Aroha from Cleo :heart_eyes:

Then when adding the source use Local information only as information provider that would require to have local NFO files. If you don’t want all the fancy information anyhow then you can just set the This directory contains value to None

Use Settings - Media - Library - Clean Library

Thanks, but I’m not sure where I’d enter the above bolded info. All I do to add videos is type in smb etc plus my username, password, the name of the source computer and the drive, eg, CG16/M. Then away it goes, searching the Movie Database. Takes ages :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That is “Add Source” which on the next screen would have the type definition, see the “Set Content” part

@fzinken Thanks for the link. But the problem with that method is item 5. When I start setting up the new Vero, there’s nothing there, it’s empty, so no sources, no folders containing videos. And when I ‘browse’ to ‘Add Videos’, and tell it to go to the smb://username:password@my computer address, it immediately goes online. What am I doing wrong?