New Vero 4K+ SSH not working

Hi all, I’ve a new and updated Vero 4K+, and SSH isn’t working on it - so I can’t access it to add in the necessary to allow it access to my shared library.

When I attempt to install SSH from the App Store, it says that it installs corectly, but if I go check it in the App Store again, I still have the option to install it.

Any help would be thankfully received.

I believe there is an apply button to tick, you choose what to install but you need to apply it to actually do it.

I do click Apply and get an “Installation Complete” notification, but still can’t SSH to the device - and also still have the option to install it from the App Store.

The Services menu won’t open either… Maybe reinstall it with an older image and then update it?

My other Vero 4K and Pi’s don’t have either issue.

Tried an older installation and that did the trick - still working fine after an update, so no idea what’s going on there lol :slight_smile:

Which version have you update from?

Hi Sam - I only had to drop back by one version - October.