New Vero 4k User initial setup

Sorry if ive missed something obvious,
Ive just got my Vero 4k in the mail today as an upgrade for my Pi 3.
Out of the box its setup to output at 1080p as far as i can tell. Since this needs to be changed im wondering what else is recommended to change, settings wise, to get the best out of the Vero on a 4k TV.

Mine is an LG tv if that makes any difference.




This is a good question. A lot of TVs have a better scaler than Kodi’s scaler, so it’s better to output the GUI at 1080p.

If you enable Adjust Refresh Rate then your device will automatically switch to 4K resolution when you play back 4K content.

Make sure your audio is configured correctly to take full advantage of passthrough if you have a receiver and that should be that

Enjoy the new device!