New Vero 4K user

I have 2 vero 4k boxes and have them working fine, no issues or problems thus far. These will be used to replace raspberry pi 3’s, primarily for streaming content, hooked upto Samsung series 7 UHD tv’s. I wanted to thank Sam for helping with a recent shipping problem, Sam, this was to the address in Texas, during the recent USPS crisis, I was about to change the delivery address, when the one showed up. I really appreciate the support you offered. The second one was ordered from Chicago Electronics, it was shipped and received in a timely manner, and no further problems with this company.

I do have a couple questions.
Is anyone using the vero’s as a server, for kodi, tvheadend, sabnzbd, and sonarr?
Currently I have an Intel NUC, that serves these items, and wondered if this would be feasible to use a vero to provide that as a replacement.
The NUC has been having some problems with connection and sleeping issues.


Hi Jerry,

I am glad you have received your items now.

Yes. TVHeadend can be grabbed from My OSMC → App Store.
Other apps may need to be installed manually, but there are a lot of guides on the HowTo section of this forum.


Have you had any feed back from users regarding performance using docker?

Not really – but Docker’s overhead is very low. Some users have installed it and use it on Vero.


I have one Vero 4K+ running OSMC, and a second Vero 4K running OSMC/TVHeadend with 2 USB tuners (DVB-S2, DVB-T). We watch and record Live TV (Satellite and Terrestrial). Most of our TV channels are HD-1080. The performance is excellent.

Originally this was on a dual Raspberry Pi setup. It worked. It was fairly good, but it seem to require constant attention.

With Vero 4K, everything ‘just works’, and the performance is far superior.
We are very, very happy with this solution.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the info, I’ll set something up in the near future and post back when it’s working.


I am looking to set up something similar. Which DVB-S2 USB tuner are you using?



Thanks, I’ll check it out