New Vero 4kPlus...perfect except it cant see Hard Drive Cradle


Plug in and plug out means the drive isn’t getting enough power.
@isolar801 – do you have an opportunity to swap the power supply to that device with another? Can you also show us a picture of the power supply that you are using currently and share it here so we can see specs?

The Vero will only provide 500ma to each attached device as per the USB 2.0 spec; if your cradle has a good power supply, this won’t be an issue. It seems like the drives however may not be receiving enough power.

Your comment makes sense re. drive access being attempted. Typically when we see these disconnects its because the drive is being spun up, but there is not sufficient power to keep it going so it spins down again. It may appear briefly as an accessible disk but this is not sustainable.

I’d wager that if you tried just one drive from the cradle, you’d probably see it; which would confirm a power problem




I appreciate all the help and suggestions…Sam might be on to what the actual problem is…I can assure all my drives are perfect, I don’t need to run dos commands to see partitions , that is all done on my PC…I never format a drive with multiple partitions (most of us who do these thing haven’t done that for at least 10 years or so)…this appears to be a hardware issue…I will pull out one of my 699 or so power supplies and feed the cradle different ones to see if it works…the only thing I haven’t done is swap power supplies.


Well…I tried 6 other power supplies to no avail…the drives i was trying to load in the cradle worked just fine when i swapped them into the enclosure…i just spent most of a day trying to get a very basic function of a media machine to work. As I’ve stated…these 2 cradles work just fine on everything but the Vero…this to me is a fatal hardware flaw…how do I return this thing? I just spent 150 bux for nothing…damn shame…it looks and sounds really good…


Well — I would try one drive at a time first. This really does sound like a power supply issue to me. It would be a shame to return it.

You’re not the first user to use an attached hard drive and you won’t be the last. We always recommend that users have a good external power supply. The Vero will only provide 500ma as per the USB2 spec; which will only power a 2.5” disk independently. For 3.5” disks, you need a good external PSU.

My guess is that some devices are exceeding the output slightly which is allowing your cradle to work and compensating for a lack out of power output on the cradle side.

Otherwise, provided the device is in the return period, it can be returned by contacting But you may have an issue you will need to solve before you upgrade to other devices

It’d be good to see a photo of a power supply you’re using on the cradle.



The Orico 6619US3 has got bad ratings within German A…zon shop, see feedback.


I think I’ve stumbled upon what the problem is and it has nothing to do with hard drive partitions, formating or power supplies. After reading many posts on this forum, I discovered that some usb devices work on the Vero …and some don’t. For fun I dug out one of the empty hard drive enclosures I have stashed away that I gutted for the drive. (Sometimes it was cheaper to get a drive by buying an external and taking the drive out) I plugged the drives into the empty case (Seagate) that refused to load on the Vero via the cradle and…they worked. I also use a PC bluray drive in a Nextel case via USB…it worked. After a lot of reading I discovered the USB has various “Protocols”, kind of like HDMI handshakes…apparently the Vero only likes to be shook a certain way. Interesting !! of course, Im keeping the Vero !! It tasks me, so I shall keep her…


I’m glad you’re keeping the Vero but the disks you have should work just fine. Are you saying that swapping the disks in to a new enclosure worked OK?

I suspect the cradle…



That’s right, Sam…all the disks that wouldn’t load in the cradle loaded just fine when plugged into an empty Seagate enclosure. It’s not that the cradle is bad…it works when plugged into anything but the Vero, it must be using a “Protocol” the Vero doesn’t like. This is something that could be addressed in firmware.


Which is exactly why we’ve asked for logs. We can’t fix a problem that we don’t have enough info to understand. Glad you found a workaround though.


It sounds like the cradle isn’t receiving enough power to me, but impossible to confirm without further logs.



I tried up to a 6 amp power supply to the cradle…it comes with a 2.5 amp…no go…has to be the protocol deal. Good thing I have all this stuff in boxes to experiment with…


This won’t be a ‘protocol’ issue.


Would a powered USB hub inserted between the Vero and the non working cradle eliminate power as being the problem?
If so @isolar801 do you have one to try?
These Chinese made cradles don’t seem to play nice with the Vero, could it be a driver issue?
I have a similar type cradle made by Inateck (except mine is a 2 bay one), my Vero’s see the drives inserted into it just fine if I plug it in whilst the Vero is already on, but both my Vero’s will not boot if its plugged in after a hard power on or reboot .
I’m not after a fix for mine, my server/pc works just fine with the Inateck so I’ve left it plugged into that and just share the files on the drives it contains across to my Vero’s, just pointing out these type of cradles don’t work well with the Vero’s.


I wonder if it’s at all related to Vero’s ability to be powered by USB. The fix here could be worth a try:


Sam, I always thought USB was USB also…until I started reading pages like this…

I’ve been wondering about the hub solution also…gonna grab a powered hub asap to compensate for losing one of the usb slots to the remote anyhow…


Perhaps you can understand from that why OSMC devs can’t do much to help with just ‘this doesn’t work’.