New Vero > Blue screen + sad face on startup

Just received my new Vero but on start up I see an OSMC screen for a few seconds followed by a blue screen with a sad face.

It did not come with any docs and I cannot find any documentation or posts which would help me so am posting a new topic here. If someone could please help out here with a pointer on how to sort this out, would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

If you’ve just received it and it has never been used before and is giving you a sad face screen (which means Kodi is crashing) then I would probably try re-imaging the SD card first.

You’ll need an SD card reader to do this, then head over to the download page and download the Windows/Mac/Linux installer as applicable and use this to re-image the card with the latest build. (2015.6-1)

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You should have received a card with ‘’ on it. Did you get that?


Thanks. Will grab an SD card reader and try that.

I do recall a card with a voucher offer (I think). If it is on the same card then my bad and apologies. Can I suggest adding that quick start link to site?

Good idea – yes, it is on that card.