New Vero - warnings from Antivirus

Hi. I connected my Vero a few hours ago and have since had these warnings from my antivirus. Is the Vero, which I’ve given a static IP to, doing something it shouldn’t? By way of background, the Vero stopped all other devices connecting to the net when I first tried it out. I had to disconnect everything and then reconnect one by one starting with the Vero. Thank you.

Change the IP you asssigned to the Vero to another IP. Did you purchase this Vero new from the official OSMC store?

The problem you have is that there are two devices with the same IP on your network.

Either make a reservation in the router for the Vero which matches the static IP, or use a static IP outside of the DHCP range

Yes, it’s a new, official Vero. I can’t see how there can suddenly be two devices with the same IP just because I connected the Vero and and gave it a DCHP address of 222. Here’s a screenshot of my router webpage from which you’ll note that:

all address are unique (no duplicates) and

the Vero has no ‘pencil icon’ so I CAN’T give it a reserved IP.

Have you any further ideas as to what’s happening here? Thanks.

You mean you assigned a static IP of 222. Why don’t you either: 1) Change the IP to something else, say 22 or 2) Use DHCP.

Your router may not show the other device that’s using 222 since the Vero may be trumping it.

This appears to be a “feature” of the ESET software. As an example, see here: ARP Cache Poisoning attack - ESET Internet Security & ESET Smart Security Premium - ESET Security Forum

On most of the threads I read, the stock reply seems to be along the lines of: If the ESET firewall is detecting a threat to your system, create an exception for internal IP traffic.

I suspect it won’t let you if it has a static IP. Use DHCP first.

Aha, well done, grahamh, it’s now reserved as And thanks for your input, dillthedog.