New Vero2 - remote doesn't work alongside bluetooth dongle

Hey just received my Vero2 and ran the latest updates. I plugged in the remote dongle and it worked fine (though when I rebooted I had to unplug and re-plug the dongle for it to work again).

Then when I plug in my Microsoft bluetooth dongle for my wireless keyboard/mouse the remote immediately stops working. There’s nothing I can do to fix it at this point, including unplugging/replugging the remote dongle, and unplugging the Microsoft dongle entirely. I have to hard reboot.

Any ideas? I’d really like the option to use both the remote and the keyboard. This is the combo I have:

You should not have to do this - I leave my remote receiver plugged in all the time in the rear port on the right hand side and when testing stuff typically have a USB keyboard plugged into the middle port.

Make sure you are not using the USB port on the rear - this is an OTG port and I believe not currently enabled for normal USB use. Are you sure that it does not work if you have both the remote and keyboard dongles already plugged into the right hand side before powering on ?

If not, power on with both connected then use My OSMC log uploader to upload the system journal so we can see what USB devices are detected.

BTW from reading the description I don’t think the Microsoft dongle is a Bluetooth receiver - it is probably a proprietary wireless protocol with the USB device presenting itself as a USB keyboard and mouse device rather than a Bluetooth device.

Most wireless keyboards/mice that are provided with a USB receiver are not actually Bluetooth and do not require Bluetooth support from the operating system.