New vero4k+ broken seal and no "led cross"

hey there!
i just got my new 4k+ and after removing the plastic wrap (was intact) and getting the little boy out of the box i noticed that the seal was broken and also the little transparent plastic cross for the led are missing. i guess that’s not normal, is it? got it through a (official) reseller and already contacted the shop.

best regards


Can you show me what you mean by the seal? If it’s a QC sticker, then it might have just not been stuck flush on the back of the unit.

Regarding the cross, I assume you mean that it isn’t covered with plastic. This change is to improve IR performance.

The item itself should come in a shrink wrapped cellophane package.


so this transparent plastic piece is not supposed to be there anymore?

this is how it looks like on my device:

and this is the seal i meant:

Yes, that looks OK.

We have some commercial customers that use IR instead of RF. So the window was removed to optimise the signal a bit. It looks like that stock is filtering to resellers – previously it was only sent for B2B customer or B2B resellers.

Everything should be fine.