New Vero4k+ can't update, can't power on, no ports description

just got my vero4k+ and have troubles from the start. Can someone help me?

  1. After initial setup the vero froze in the main menu so i had to powercycle it. I set it up again but can not update osmc. First it tells me its downloading the update then that it can’t update and i have to upload logs and ask in the forum for help. Seconds later i get the info that the update has ben downloaded and i have to exit osmc to install it. When i do, it displays the ncurses screen with one box in the progress bar and stops again with the logs/forum info only to start osmc 30 seconds later. Then i get the updates availabe info. Here are the logs
  2. The second problem is when i switch it off in the menu, i can not turn it on. The remote is not working. I have to unplug / plug the power again. Where is the power switch?
  3. The ports on the box are not marked in any way and there is no picture / description in the quick start guide. Where does the analog out go, where the ir dongle?
  4. Is there a dualaudio output version of osmc?


  1. Your logs don’t show any attempt to update OSMC. Can you try reboot and update again?
  2. You should use the Suspend option, not Shut Down, to standby the device
  3. Audio out is closest to HDMI. You only need the IR extender if the device is behind the TV and you are not using the official remote
  4. The SoC supports dual audio output already without a need for a special build.

Hope this helps.


thank you, after six or seven tries und reboots the update succeded. I will try the suspend option in the settings. Hope this works with my receiver.

Is your internet connection stable?


The suspend option will work fine with your receiver


internet connection is stable, but the speed is to slow. Made a new topic for this.

Okay, we will follow up there