New Vero4k+ stops at boot messages

I wonder if I am doing something wrong when trying to take a new – delivered end of October – Vero 4k+ into use.

I followed the quickstart guide and after turning the Vero 4k+ on, it seems to stop after displaying boot messages.

A lot of red “FAILED” lines, for example:

Failed to start Create Volatile Files and Directories.
Failed to start Steup OSMC machine ID.
Failed to start Connman connection service.
Failed to start Login Service.
Failed to start mount disks automatically with standby.
[…] systemctl status udisks-glue.service’ for details.

The boot seems to stop with the last line about the “udisks-glue.service”.

I guess I need to reinstall the OS, but I would have expected this would boot out of the box?

I think I’ve seen messages like this on this forum before.

Would this be comparable to what you are seeing?

Seems similar. Should’ve just made a search with the error messages - I tried some other keywords and did not find that one.

I’ll just try to re-install when I have time.

I am familiar with Linux so let me know if there are any suggestions what to do to try to find out more about this issue before I re-install. The good news seems to be that a simple re-install should do it.


A reinstall will definitely fix this for you.
When did you order this?


Order #27205 (October 15, 2019)

I have fixed this and adapted things so this can’t happen now.


Reinstall from USB to the 2019.10 version went well and was very easy. The device + software looks really great so far, as expected.