New VeroV Startup Issue

Finally got to installing my new VeroV but on start up I see an OSMC screen for a few seconds followed by a blue screen with a sad face.

Is there a easy solution for this?

The blue screen during startup means that Kodi isn’t starting up. There is a number of things that can cause this but it would be rather difficult to guess exactly what with the rather minimal amount of information you provided. You could access the command line and grab some logs that way…

Or if you elaborate a bit more then perhaps we could offer more without that. In particular what exactly had you done prior to Kodi getting stuck? Did you restore from a backup, install an add-on, or was it this way from the initial boot?

There is also the option to just perform a clean install as well…

A re installation of OSMC should do the trick.

Yes the clean install did the trick.

Glad to hear this. I’m not sure what’s happened here.

There are integrity checks after flashing to ensure that the installation is complete and correct.

Did you restore a backup or did you experience this issue right from the first boot?

Many thanks


It happened at the first boot. Hopefully that will be the only issue.


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Thanks for clarifying.

During the ‘flashing’ process there is a checksum verification of each partition and object five times, so I’m surprised this happened.

I will double check this checksum process is working as expected. I am glad you were able to solve the problem quickly and trivially


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Ran into a similar issue. Wouldn’t get past the blue OSMC logo screen on first boot. Reinstalling OSMC resolved it. Kind of a bummer how long the installer took… 40-70 kB/s download speed the whole time :upside_down_face:

It would be useful to know the date of inspection on your and @Brack’s warranty card.


gotchu - Oct 8

Unfortunately I did not keep the inspection card.