New VPN daemon available for OSMC testing

Airvpn Suite 1.1 open for testing – fixed previous OSMC incompatibility

I have used AirVPN for years and they are the best! Like their logo says: The air to breathe the real internet

I left OSMC for Xbian a few weeks ago because I wanted to use this Suite, but there were incompatibilities, that I reported to the developers at AirVPN. Looks like they did their homework and fixed it.

NEW: Bluetit daemon take care of vpn, firewall and DNS hijcacking with NETWORK LOCK features.

What’s new in 1.1.0 version

full compatibility with OSMC, Open Source Media Center (please read the note *)
enhanced compatibility with Raspbian (please read the note *)
persistent Network Lock implementation, useful for example to enforce prompt Network Lock during system bootstrap and prevent traffic leaks caused by processes at bootstap (**). Use directive networklockpersist in bliuetit.rc to enable Network Lock as soon as Bluetit starts, regardless of network status and connection attempts
revisited Network Lock logic for additional safety
enhanced DNS handling for peculiar systemd-resolved operational modes
more rigorous handling of events through semaphore implementation
new D-Bus methods for Network Lock aimed at easier control by clients. Developer's documentation will be published soon
crash caused by systemd signal flooding has been resolved
libcurl crash in OSMC and other systems has been fixed
logical flaw causing Network Lock missed activation in case of account login failure has been fixed
minor bug fixes
see the changelog below for more information and details 

Requires command line access as there is only command line clients at the moment. I just SSH in from my workstation, FWIW.

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Will get around to testing myself, because I would like to migrate back to OSMC.