New Web Interface For OSMC

Hi I tried the web interface and it looks really bad as it probably comes from XBMC which hasn’t been updated in a while. I am a web developer and wanted to contribute by creating a nice looking web interface to control OSMC. I have started some work and this is the repo where you can view the code and see a screenshot of the interface I have made so far GitHub - ankurp/osmc-web-remote: Web Remote Interface for OSMC

I just wanted to know if people want this to be updated so I can continue my work and what features they care about the most so I can concentrate on that as it will be hard to redesign all parts of the current web interface.

maybe create it for Kodi and upload it to the main chain? that way everyone can get the new update and then just provide a skined version for OSMC?

I use Chorus as my web interface:

CC @marktheis

Hi. @sam_nazarko and I have been talking about doing something for the web interface. Yeah the default web interface remote is so bad, oh so bad.

We are still in the process of figuring out what we need for the rest of the web interface. But the remote part for now is something that I would be happy for someone else to help with, which we then can integrate in a future custom web interface.

I can’t say right now how the rest of the interface is going to be exactly. But I can DM you when we have figured it out.

If you want to make your own yourself that’s also cool. Then I agree with @johnsnow about making it a general kodi interface for more people to use :smile:

@johnsnow @marktheis Thanks I will continue with the remote interface for now and try to make a pull request in Kodi for it. Trying to use the best practices in web development and modern web and build tools to create this web interface.

I wanted to just have a basic remote control on my phone to control OSMC when the remote is far away :slight_smile: so thought I will modernize the current web interface.

+1 … Chorus is probably one of the best Kodi WebUI.

I really appreciate your work, and I would like to try your web interface. Can you please give some detailed instructions for us WINDOWS users how to install it? And yes, new web interface is really necessary for OSMC. Thank you for your effort!

this isn’t for Windows its for your OSMC machine that’s running on LINUX and if your not sure how to SSH your machine then you probably shouldn’t mess around with it.