NEWB - Downloading "Apps" or "Programs"?


I’ve only been on my Pi for a couple days and am trying to learn everything I can, so I apologize for this blatant newbery, but as an OS, does OSMC allow you to download programs like if you were on a standard RPi OS such as Raspbian?

My ultimate goal is to install my PI in my vehicle (replace my stereo) as a media player and file browser (to quickly play my Dashcam videos from SD card), but I hope to also be able to download apps that may be useful in a car.

I’m just getting started, but so much of my research has been devoted to just getting the Pi running and understanding Linux (somewhat), so I don’t really know what’s out there.

Are there say… Apps for navigation/maps I can download. Do I simply download them via the command line?

“as an OS” OSMC is based on Debian and you can install programms via command line (sudo apt-get install)

Thanks, I tried “sudo apt-get install pistore”

But it said it could not be found. Based on what I read at, I must download “pistore” in order to download the apps/games there…?

My goal is really just to download anything so I can try it on the Pi. OSMC does not seem to have much available for a newb, just heavy HTPC users.

If I install a program using “sudo apt-get”, will it simply show up in “Programs” in OSMC?

I’m not sure I can answer your question, but I can add a couple of points of clarification.

  1. before you perform an ‘apt-get install …’ you should do ‘apt-get update’ (remembering to precede each with ‘sudo’.
  2. What you will get from this process is something you can run from the command line, not the GUI.
  3. What you probably want is Kodi apps, which can integrate with the Kodi and the OSMC on which it is running, and produce results on the GUI.
  4. If you’re talking running games, then you probably want to exit kodi before running them, so the GUI doesn’t get in the way.


I believe that Pi Store is only available in the Raspberry Pi’s official repositories and also requires an X11 desktop to be run properly.