Newbie and Official Tecchie Thicko - Vero as server Q

Hi guys
Firstly really pleased to join you as Vero 4K owner. I have a 3TB Seagate external HD (with its own power supply) attached Via USB.
I use a MacBook exclusively and have been trying without success to set up my Vero as a media server for the rest of the house.
I have tried and spectacularly failed at trying UPnP and Samba connections.
As title of this post suggests I am an abs novice at all things IT but willing to have a go.
Just want to be able to 1) upload new files from MBP to HDD without keep unplugging it 2) Share files from Vero to rest of house
I have looked at both Wiki links and researched YouTube but can’t seem to crack it.

Any help would be most welcome (even if it’s to say try a Betamax you old B…)!

Did you install smb server in the MyOSMC app store?

Go to My OSMC -> App Store as @actiona has suggested and install Samba Server. The Mac should then see the attached hard drive.

What version of macOS do you have? Is it fairly recent?


Thanks folks…yes have installed samba.
Have MacBook retina 2015 running Mojave.
Really sorry need step by step instructions…:flushed:

To allow us to give you more detailed instructions please first upload logs via MyOSMC - Log Uploader and share the URL here

It should appear under Finder.


Hi thanks for offering to help much appreciated. I have found upload logs page one Vero but not sure where to go now?
Upload selected logs now gives me a https link but safari won’t find it. What am I selecting in the log list and how do I upload it?

You need to post the log here.

Thanks Tom.

Guys - Sorted!! Made myself go back through wiki and good old google. All up and running thanks so much for replies and putting up with tech numpty:thinking:

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