[NEWBIE] Dumb questions about sharing files with smb : what are the username and password?

Hi all,

I’d first like to thank all the people of this community who already helped me a LOT in understanding how everything works on osmc and all.

Despite looking for already existing topics on this, I need some help on configuring smb for osmc.

I have a windows 10 laptop and OSMC on a Raspi 2 and I’m struggling to link my PC’s hardrive to the mediathec in OSMC via smb.
I was able to install smc client using apt-get install samba and I can now access the files that are on the Rpi’s hard drives from my computer without typing username and password.

I used this coding that I put at the end of the smb.conf file :
[Raspberry] comment = Video sur Raspberry Pi path = /media/Video browseable = yes public = yes writeable = yes printable = no

First question : Is it ok in terms of security and stuff ? Or do you recommend another way around?
That is my first question, but the real issue I’m facing is that I can’t link the pc’s hard drive to osmc.

I go to the “add files” menu, select smb, then it asks me for a username and a password, but I don’t know what to write in these cases.
I’ve tried many differents things like “osmc ; osmc” or “WORKGROUP ; [Password of my WORKGROUP]” or stuff like that but I can’t seem to understand what should be written there.

I’m quite sure it’s a dumb question as no one asked this before but I would really appreciate a bit of help here :smile:

Cheers !

If you’re behind a router and it’s a family network, yes.

See https://osmc.tv/wiki/general/usernames-and-passwords


This should likely be helpful as well…


Hi all,

Thanks for your answers. I’ve read what you were suggesting but it did not help me fix the problem unfortunately …

I will try to summarize what I can and cannot do in terms of shared folders and drives through samba :

osmc → pc OK
osmc → tablet OK
PC → tablet OK
PC → osmc NOT OK.

By the way, I don’t need any username/password combination to get access to the osmc’s external hard drives from my PC (although I reinstalled osmc and did not go through what I explained in the 1st post again), is it normal ?

Anyway, I eventually understood that the username was my e-mail adress with which I log into my computer’s admin account (there’s only one account) and the password, the corresponding password to my account.
I tried using @ or %40 in the e-mail adress, neither of them worked …

I’m a bit lost here, why can’t I add my PC as a SMB source to osmc’s library?

Hope some of you guys can help me, that would be cool :slight_smile: