Newbie here, hello all!

Hi there! I’ve been tweaking around with a few old ATV1’s for the past few years, with a decent amount of success. I’m currently running the 04-2 version of OSMC, with Kodi 17.2. I was confused as to why I couldn’t upgrade to v. 17.3, and after a bit of fiddling around with ssh and realizing that I can’t actually upgrade the version via the tar.gz file I was trying to install, I figured I should actually register an account on the forums as I’ve been scrolling through here for quite a while. Anyhow, I appreciate the work that Sam and all the developers have been doing over the years, and I hope to continue using this awesome open-source software! I plan on buying one of the raspberry pi units soon, as the old atv’s eventually burn out and upgrading to a rasppi sounds like a much better idea than trying to replace the hd in my old atv. I look forward to more discourse and information on the forums, that’s all I’ve got for now.