Newbie in rasberry pi and osmc

Ok so here Is what I would like to do:

I have an extensive itunes library but I would love to make a mediacenter with the same data as my itunes library (play count, playlist, rating,…) So I can acces the same playlists as on my ipod classic and use the same data to help me choose the best songs for the right moment…

Or even better: A media center who can synchronise with my ipod classic and uses the same itunes data.
Basicly making a little computer for my music only! and youtube and itunes podcasts etc etc…

OR like Ryhtmbox on a rasberry pi but with a beautiful interface…

Can osmc do this?

Dont know if I understand you question exactly but i use This app to stream contents from my wifes iphone to OSMC. Claims to work on Ipad too. I bought the app.

Alternativ to play stuff from OSMC to your ipone/ipad her is a list of apps to chose from.

You have to enable some UPNP/DLNA setting in OSMC. System-Services-DLNA/UPnP