Newbie osmc no video after install [SOLVED}

I have a raspbery pi 1 running raspbmc for several years and decided to switch to osmc.
Downloaded the NOOB package, reformatted the SD card and copied the files to the pi.
After the NOOB boot I selected 3 (VGA mode) and selected the OSMC Pi1 package.
Osmc installing started showing progress.
After the progress reached 100% the screen went blank, I don’t see anything on my TV.
I can log into the pi with SSH without issues.

Reading the forum I did not find a solution, hope somebody can help me out.

Do you need NOOBS specifically? You may have more luck from Download - OSMC directly.


I need an easy mediaplayer setup, alternative would be downloading the package and install it. Unfortunately I only have osmc user access to the bundled OS, and not root access, so I can’t install.

I don’t think you understand - Sam is suggesting that you download the OSMC installer from Download - OSMC on a PC/Mac - there is no installer that runs on the Raspberry Pi.

You run the installer on a PC or Mac with the SD card inserted to install OSMC onto the SD card without using Noobs. Then boot the SD card in the Raspberry Pi to complete the installation.

Thanks a lot, I did an easy install from my Mac and OSMC is running fine now on my pi.