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I’ve just setup my Vero V and have taken the time to configure all my movies in one folder, and have used the file naming convention recommended by the Kodi support site. I think I have set Vero V to read the attached HD and use the movies folder as a source. According to the Kodi site, it’s time to scrape. How do I tell Vero to do this? Or does Vero just know on its own?


When you configure your source and you hit OK it should have asked you if you wanted to scan for content or something to that effect. That would be updating the library and should have added in your content. Typically you would see the progress in the top right of Kodi’s UI if your not actively playing video. From that point forward when you add content you would go into a library view (movies, TV, Audio) and then go to the side/slide out menu (depending on skin and view normally you would bring it up by navigating all the way left or up) and tell it to update the library. Note that Movies and series are updated at the same time but audio is separate and would need to be told to update on its own.

There are options you can enable to update the library on startup or on a timer schedule. I don’t recommend doing either. If your using the OSMC remote there is a shortcut to updating the video library by holding down the play button when you are on the home screen.

First, thanks for the quick reply.

I’ve been looking hard at my system and I might not have set the source correctly. My system has a hard drive connected directly to the Vero, and the Vero reports the HD is connected. I can view it and select the ‘Movies’ folder and see the individual movie folders inside. The naming convention is name of movie with the year in parentheses and the movie is inside that folder.
How can I set this ‘movies’ folder as a source?
I have updated the Vero to the latest version available and have kept the default settings with the preinstalled skin.


Navigate to settings>media>library>videos> and if you have already the movie folder you want then context menu over it and select the set content. If your source isn’t there then use the add source>browse>root filesystem>media>[rest of the file path] to add it and it should walk you through setting the scraper settings at the same time IIRC.

As for the folder name being what you want to use for file matching then when you setup your scraper settings (or edit by navigating to the source and context menu>change content) you would select the option for “movies are in a seperate folders…”. When your setting the main folder you will also need recursive scanning enabled and exclude path from updates disabled.

If your movies are single files most people would just keep them in a Movies folder without additional subfolders.
\Movies\Matrix (1999).mkv
\Movies\The Godfather (1972).mp4

Usually subfolders are done when you are backing up entire Blu-ray discs to a folder.
And you can do both.
99% of my collection are single files in a main subfolder with a just a few in subfolders.

\Movies\Matrix (1999)\handbrake_T1.mkv
^ Stuff like that will not scrape properly.

If the movie is a single file, Kodi pretty much ignores the directories all together and the naming convention of the file is all that matters.

\Movies\IMDb Top 250\M\Matrix (1999).mkv
^ This should scrape just fine.

But if your not even seeing the dialog box pop up saying that it’s scraping then you probably haven’t set the source correctly.

If the option “movies are in a seperate folders…” is enabled Kodi will look to the name of the folder containing the movie for matching media info, and otherwise use the name of the file itself, simple as. This is just a matter of the users preferences on how they structured their files. Kodi couldn’t care less if you use subfolders or not. I’m not aware of any benefit to a flat file structure as during scans it will skip folders that haven’t changed the same as it skips files in a source root that haven’t changed. My personal preference is to keep each movie in its own subfolder so I don’t have as many items in the root (ie just a folder for “movie” instead of movie.mkv,, movie.jpg, etc) but I’ve not seen real world where there was any particular advantage with scraping in Kodi deciding to use one style over the other.

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Thank you for the reply. I did not realize what button on the remote would bring up a context menu, but once I figured that out, I was able to select a source, and the system is working as I had hoped it would. I kept the movies in their own folder to help organize everything. At least that was the recommended process in the Kodi Wiki. Seems to be working well.

I appreciate the help.


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Awesome to hear that everything is to your liking now.

Go Speed, go!