Newbie question: is OSMC open?

Hello all
I recently bought a Raspberry to monitor an Eaton UPS and it works fine.

So I’m considering to install OSMC on it.

And this is my question: will I be able to install CURL and NUT on OSMC?

Thanks for your replies.

Yes. OSMC is based on Debian.

So I have root access and a total control of the files system… good.

One thing I don’t get.
If it can be installed on an USB drive what the use of the SD card?

Because the Raspberry only boots from the SD card.
With the Raspberry Pi3 there will be some new options in the future


Then am I wrong if I imagine having my SD card monitoring my Eaton UPS and OSMC on the USB stick as media center together?

Why not just have the pi boot from card and run the o/s and everything from the usb?

OSMC is an operating system. I assume you refer to Kodi if you mean mediacentre. The files of OSMC (other than the boot kernel) and Kodi can not be separated. Either they are all on the SD card or all on a USB Disk. The only thing that you easily can separate are the media files that you can put on USB drives or network drives

Well, you know, I’m a newb…
so I don’t see exactly what you mean.

My goal is to use my PI to monitor my UPS and play my media with OSMC.
And my question is what the best way to reach that goal?

Got it.

Yes! As actiona already wrote “Yes. OSMC is based on Debian.”
Any package that you can install on Debian (ARM) you can install on OSMC!

So now I just have to roll up my sleeves.
Thank you all for your replies.

Think CURL is included default even

else just use apt-get to install it

Here is a cheatsheet for how to navigate in a Linux shell: Cheatsheets and Tutorials for users new to Linux based operating systems

since you said you was a newbie :slight_smile:

Yes! Toast.
CURL is in it.

OSMC is now installed together with my UPS monitoring with NUT.

And I really enjoy it.
Thanks to you all.

I’ll be back.