Newbie question regarding Libraries on my Vero 4K

Hi guys, just purchased a vero 4k (new to osmc and kobi) and am having some problems getting the library to function correctly for video files.

I have six external usb drives (tagged as ‘4k movies’, ‘hdtv - drama’, ‘hdtv - sci-fi’ etc…) that are connected to the vero box via two daisy chained usb hubs. The vero is seeing the drives as soon as I plug the hub into the box and browse to video files from the main menu. However I’d like to get a more pleasing menu experience than the ‘windows explorer’ style view I have now…

All the guides I’ve seen say to add files to the library database, I need to use the ‘add videos…’ menu item which I’ve tried but I can’t get the box to browse to the external usb drives to select the files. Any advice would be much appreciated…

Other than that the box has been fantastic so far and is playing back all of my hd and uhd content without issue!

Did you try to choose Rootfilesystem -> media -> your drives?
Also to avoid confusion when adding files to the library only folders will be shown no actual files. So you are not adding single files but folders that are containing files

Thanks for the reply, I’ll take a look tonight :+1:

i did what you say but still it does not work

I am not sure if it makes sense to restart a 1 year old thread.
Suggest you open a new thread. Explain your setup and your issue. Best also to add logs via MyOSMC directly.