Newbie - Rpi 3b+ freezing when playing videos

Hi, I am using add-ons to play videos and at any point in time (with different videos and at random times) the system just freezes and I have to turn off and on again the pi. I experienced this issue even with other software (libreelec and xbian).

  1. After powering the pi from a TV and experiencing this issue I used a supply (One Plus charger able to supply 5V-4A) and the issue persists. Perhaps I should reflash the SD card and try again using a supply only? Just in case the card was corrupted.

  2. I am not sure about the Class of the SD Card, menus and browsing work fine however. Could a low class give such a problem?

Thanks in advance!


We can’t much with out logs showing the issue, details can be found here:

It if its random, this will help as well

take a look at the <loglevel hide="attribute">options</loglevel> section.

This being the case its probably worth asking over at the kodi forums as well.

I advise seeking support from the addon developers as well.

Thanks Tom.

I would not assume that you have an adequate power supply. Cell phone chargers don’t always supply full rated current unless they get some sort of a signal to let them know it’s safe (which the pi does not do) and/or they lack robust enough voltage regulation to keep the voltage high enough when current demand increases. Charging a battery on a portable device does not require a full 5v so that is a way to cut costs for that type of device. With earlier pi’s this was not as much of an issue as it is with the 3b+ which is much more demanding. You could try underclocking it (which will lower its current demand) or better yet buy a power supply that is designed for this application.