Newbie setup area?

So I have a new Vero 4k+ that I can’t seem to locate Kodi on… any ideas? I have found the My OSMC, but not anything Kodi related.

Just like with any Kodi installation, the settings are on the Home screen under ‘Settings’.

Thanks. I think I found a kodi skin but thought when it first started up, it had something about confluence and didn’t see it once I was in OSMC.

I think you are confusing couple of things. When you boot your Vero all you see is Kodi.

Maybe you should start here: Frequently Asked Questions - General - OSMC

Thanks was there already a bit… I should have said “My OSMC” It seemed like I got into that and then never found Confluence again. I have Kodi running, now my next challenge is finding my data on the servers.

Previously I have always used a HTPC running windows and just mapped the drives. I’m new to Linux and I’m finding this much more challenging not having a conventional computer.

Thanks again for the help and assisting.


Confluence is the original Kodi/XBMC skin (basically just a way how things are displayed) that has been replaced since the last 2 Kodi versions (which roughly translate to 2 years) by Estuary and on OSMC by default the OSMC skin is used.
Skin can be changed (and additional ones installed under Settings → Interface.
See also

Regarding your server access things also moved on.
Do i assume you have a Samba/Windows server? If you give a bit more Infos we can give advices.

Not familiar with Samba. I’m running a couple qnap TS-419s. Never had any issues the old way and just mapped the drives and then browsed them in Kodi and all was good. I’m just muttleing through now…

Well what protocol are you using on the qnaps? Nfs or SMB?

To be honest, I have no idea. Thanks for your patience though

I have managed to find two folders on two different servers but can’t seem to find the TV shows in a sub folder of the same… geez this is fun and tiring. Movies are there though.

Browsing should be exactly the same as you were used to in Kodi on other systems. So look at your media sources on one of your working systems to see what protocol (SMB or NFS) that you were using before.

If you want to keep things a bit more familiar then you could cheat a bit. If you go to MyOSMC and install the Samba Server then you can browse and manipulate your Kodi files from Windows, including reusing some of your existing ones. Once Samba is installed and you reboot then in windows you can just go to an Explorer windows and in the address bar type in “\\ip.of.your.vero\osmc\.kodi

For your sources the files from your HTPC install that you can actually just copy over are in the userdata folder and you would be grabbing sources.xml and if there is one there passwords.xml. If your sources were actually mapped (you can read the old file with notepad or any text editor) the you will need to tweak the file. If you were mapping for example E:\ to and your sources.xml file shows e:\tv\ then that would get changed in the file to smb://

Individual files will not be shown in the “add source” Dialog they would only be shown after you add the sources and then go via"Files"


Thanks everyone. It just took figuring out the right addressing and how deep in the file structure to take it. I think it’s all gonna be ok. I ended up using the SMB to get the directories set. I probably didn’t do it cleanly as I added 2 network locations for each: movie folder and TV folder but at least it’s all there.

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