Newbie to OSMC and Vero 4K+ first impressions


I’m a total newbie to OSMC and Vero 4K+, and I’ve been using both for some weeks now. What should I say? That’s an awesome project and hardware. Really, really impressed so far. There are some annoying wrinkles though, but no real showstoppers.

  • The Vero is attached to an LG 4K TV, and the resolution is set to 4k as well. No need to set it lower, despite what some users recommended. Using the TV’s remote to control the Vero via HDMI-CEC works too, once enabled in the TV. That was hugely impressing!
  • Network is a 5 GHz Wifi LAN. Sometimes the Vero 4K+ forgets the complex LAN password on reboot, and re-entering it on the screen is an utter royal pain. BUT, rebooting a few times seems to resolve the issue by itself… until it pops up again. In other words: the LAN password must still be stored somewhere. Weird.
  • I’m playing MKVs (h265) created with HandBrake from an HTTP-Server on the LAN. HD-Content is played without any visible buffering or stuttering, but I didn’t have any 4K media files yet to throw at the Vero 4K+. Very positive experience so far with all media files.
  • One stumbling block was that IPv6 was disabled in OSMC, and my HTTP-Server has only an IPv6 address. Thanks to advice on this forum, I was able to turn it on from the command line with connmanctl, (don’t forget sudo), using config wifi* --ipv6 auto on the right interface. If it works, it gets a public IPv6 address, and everything works just fine, even across reboots. Still, sometimes, on reboot, I don’t get an IPv6 address on the Vero, but rebooting (a few times) resolves the issue. Again: weird.

o What I’m still trying to figure out, is how to mount a USB HDD enclosure, with an HDD that is formatted with VeraCrypt and that contains either an ext4 or an exfat filesystem. I’ve installed the package zulumount-cli which may or may not help, but I still have to figure out how to use it, and how to persist the passphrase(s).

Anyway, up to now, I’m very happy with the Vero 4k+, and I hope that the network issues will get fixed in upcoming updates.

And now, back to experimenting. :grinning:


If you are planning to watch HDR content, you should set it to 1080p and enable Adjust Refresh Rate.

Next time that happens, can you go to My OSMC → Logs and upload a full set of logs? We haven’t had reports of this, so I need more information to fix this for you.

This is probably related to the WiFi connection issue.



Thanks Sam,

I’ll try to upload logs as soon as it forgets the LAN password again.

I get this from time to time. Often, you don’t have to re-enter the password - just hit OK when it asks for a password. My working theory is the wifi doesn’t get a strong enough signal at first. Then when the router has done it’s beaming magic so the signal is better there’s nothing to tell connman to log in.

This would suggest we don’t check for beacon frames enough.

Think I can fix this trivially if you can reproduce this reliably enough.

That’s possible.

I’ve also noticed that after I’ve been logged in for a while via ssh, sudo connmanctl services shows only the active wifi, and no others. But when calling sudo connmanctl scan wifi, then sudo connmanctl services shows once again all wifis in the neighborhood, with the active one starred. I’m not familiar with connmanctl, maybe it’s normal behavior?

For the AP6255 (found in Vero), we will suppress background scanning unless a manual scan is initiated to improve performance. There’s little reason to look for other WiFi networks when we have a connection and the user hasn’t initiated a scan. If the connection drops, we look for other suitable networks to join.


Hi Sam,
If watching 4K HDR, why set to 1080p and not 4k (4k with adjust frame rate) ?

I think it’s to do with how Kodi stores images, they’ll only be 1080p either way, and your TV will do a much better job at upscaling them than Kodi does.

The TV will likely have a better scaler and performance will be better

This setting only applies to the GUI and has no bearing on the output of 4k media. As others have said, your TV’s scaler wil do a better job of upscaling the GUI than Kodi can. Most backgrounds used in the Kodi GUI are only going to be 1080 anyway.

Plus using the gui at 4k can instead worsen performance.

Am I right in saying this only applies to Kodi v17, and V18 has better support for higher resolution?

No, same for V18. Use 1080. I’m not aware of any skins that have been updated with 4K resolution.