Newer equipment best video settings

I am running a RPi 4 and am trying to find the best settings for video. I have the pi plugged into a receiver and that passes on to the TV. The TV and receiver both support 4k 60, HDR etc…

What settings should be best to enable on the pi and tv?
Resolution: Currently 1080p on the pi (my understanding is if 4k content plays it should switch)
Pixel format: Set at default, not sure if I should go to rgb or ycbcr 4:4:4
Tv is set to HDMI 2.0 enhanced mode and full range (instead of limted).

All my content right now is 1080p and I have a few 10-bit HEVC files, would this handle 4k HEVC files ok?

I’d like to get it set right before I try changing any tv settings or calibration.
Any suggestions?

Tv is a Hisense 50H8G and receiver is Pioneer VSX-LX301

As long as Adjust Refresh Rate is enabled that should be fine


Is there a good way to test that 4k and hdr are being passed through?

After changing the whitelist, I got the exodus video here: and hdr10 passes through! I think all is good. Thanks!

YCbCr is preferred since with RGB some equipment may fall back to 8 bits.

There’s no advantage in using full range and there could be a disadvantage (crushed shadows and blown highlights) depending how your TV handles it.