Next release of HDHomeRun?

When is the HDHomeRun 2016_05_09 video addon going to be added to the OSMC repository?
There have been many changes since 3/18.

We follow upstream Jarvis HDHomerun add-on.

It seems 3/18 is the latest version for Jarvis in the Kodi repository. Therefore it will likely be updated when we move to v17, when it is stable.

Maybe it’s because I am part of the Silicon Dust kickstarter, but I have been running Kodi 16.1 with HDHomeRun 2016_05_09 for some time. OSMC become considerably more useful to me when that version reaches the OSMC repository.

Where did you obtain that build of Kodi from?

We follow the add-on releases provided by Kodi, as they are deemed stable. If you want a newer version, you can build this yourself in the interim, or use a v17 test build for Pi.

If you can explain what makes an update worthwhile, I can look at backporting.

The Kodi version 16.1 was downloaded from (note that this version is for Windows). The Video Add-on for HDHomeRun is directly from the Kodi repository.

What makes this “Worthwhile” is that the features in the 5.9 version allow functionality that my wife can probably use. I am trying to get away from the Charter DVR and the HDHomeRun equipment that goes with that Video Add-on will allow me to do so. Right now, I am running a parallel system but it does not always work due to version 3.18. I have been working on doing this for more than a year. The 5.9 version is not perfect but it works whereas 3.18 just has too many hiccups.

I can also see what is coming from Silicon Dust since I am one of the Kickstarter contributors - there is a version coming that is even better than 5.9 but it is not yet released.

I am not expecting any special work on your part; I wrote this query to find out how much longer it would be until 5.9 reaches your repository.

So far, OSMC is much easier to install on Raspberry Pi than other releases. However, Kodi is working on a release that is supposed to run on Raspbian on a Raspberry Pi “relatively” soon.

If you are not familiar with Silicon Dust or their HDHomeRun hardware and software (specifically “HDHomeRun DVR”),
you may want to checkout their website. Just search for “HDHmeRun DVR”.

The kodi repository is the same. Osmc provides no other repo that the default kodi repo and pocornmix’s repo. Osmc has no bearing on what they provide. You should be asking this on kodi forums. Also, I’m not sure why you have tagged this post with wiki?

I believe HDHomerun is a binary add-on, so we build and bundle downstream. But we use upstream versions.

I know what HDHomerun is – I also added kernel support (module) and TVHeadend support some time ago. I believe it’s still the preferred way of using one of these devices on OSMC

I new to this forum. Instructions said to tag it with wiki so it could be evaluated before final post. Sam Nazarko and I have been corresponding on this.

TVHeadend may work but is redundant and I believe incompatible with HDHomeRun DVR ( a new Silicon Dust product).
Oh well, I’ll just wait until something shows up.