Nfs 4.2

Was recently doing some playing around with nfs versions and the Vero 4k+. I noticed that the Vero defaults to nfs 3 if no specific version is typed in the mount command - basically the Vero could not see my shares if I did not export version 3. However explicitly selecting a version, such as 4.2 worked just fine and in fact it the Vero “felt” much more snappy in it’s response. I was also able to stream a raw UHD rip over wifi with no issues (not sure why but I did not think that was possible).
I have not done any empirical testing (iperf) and the performance difference I experinced may be due to quirks of my server or other factors so YMMV.

My nfs.conf on the server contains:

And the auto.nfs.shares on the Vero:
/mnt/movie -ro -vers=4.2
/mnt/tv -ro -vers=4.2
/mnt/music -ro -vers=4.2

EDIT (additions).
The nfs.exports file contains:

The /srv/* mounts are read only bind mounts of the actual media content directories.

For added security the Vero 4k+ is on a different vlan than the nfs server and this has no detrimental affect on the performance as the routing between vlans is done via a layer 3 switch (which routes at wire speed, unlike using the “router on a stick” method)

Would be interesting if others find any benefit in using nfs 4.2.

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