NFS and SMB, Neither work well!

Once the export is mounted using either fstab or autofs, Kodi treats it as if it were a folder in local storage. (In fact, Kodi doesn’t even know it isn’t local, only the OS knows). So, a Kodi source should point to somewhere within the home folder structure.

That’s the easiest option, but you could also use Kodi path substitution to map the original file locations to new ones. See: [HowTo] Repairing File Paths with Path Substitution

(I’m not too familiar with that, so I’ll duck out and let someone else explain the details!)

Ok so i’ll just have to wait for @fzinken to help me with my final mounts and the templates for my vero/

That last one is my thing, my library is huge but it’s mostly things that aren’t indexed by default, I had to index things manually for hours and hours so I rather just replace their location and keep what the info they have :stuck_out_tongue:

Where do the autofs mounts end up in kodi though? Just under NFS? Or are they just there? I have no idea!

Have you given them new names with -name option?
What is showmount -e showing now?

How have you done that without a central mysql database? Have you done that manually on each client or are you using nfo files?

No, not anymore using NFS in Kodi you will just find them under root filesystem -> /mnt/

Maybe to get a better understanding of your setup provide grab-logs -A from your mainly used client.

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You’re way ahead of me.

I just added these to my mount list:


I do not know if they work or how to test.

showmount -e gives me this
showmount -e
clnt_create: RPC: Program not registered

A mix between nfo’s and manual, I did about 500 files manual roughly on each device, thinking about it it would have been easier writing an nfo for each of them but hindsight is 20/20.

I found all of the mount myself already, tit took some time but I found it haha and everything I selected played too! so far so good!

My main used device (just like every device I have) has the exact setup as this one does, the only difference is that this one is a Pi and the others are Vero’s. I added all media through the NFS browser in Kodi on every device and I now need to get this working on my pi, then move to my vero and replace all links with the ones created by mounting :slight_smile:

Obvisouly I meant showmount -e

As soon as you have more than 1 device you should think about a shared mysql database.

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So I remain with my suggestion to go for a central mysql database and rescrape your library one last time.

If you want to continue with your current setup you would need to configure pathsubstituion

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(no idea why /Films is just Films instead of /u/Films).

How would one start that? For now I’m fine with just replacing links (with a little help if I’m sure everything works!) but I do want to slowly start building that then.

The link is great, very detailed, but I’m an idiot and don’t know which one I need, how to run it and how to make sure I don’t blow it up haha. I’m sorry I need so much help.

But first, I got this running right now, what do I need to do to check the last paths I added, and what do I need to do on my veros!
Then the link substitution :stuck_out_tongue:

Once again I thank you for your time and I’m sorry.

Correct your last entry, based on showmount that should be


just install autofs sudo apt-get install autofs and copy over your auto.master and auto.nfs.shares files (or create them with the same content). Make sure now mount entries in fstab.

If you want help on the path substitution we need to see grab-logs -A from at least one system (best all).

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All the paths I added above myself are empty, even after a reboot… Anime, Second movies and Tv shows, all empty. (see I told you i’m a network idiot)

Shouldn’t be, let’s check once more

showmount -e | paste-log
paste-log /etc/auto.nfs.shares
mount | paste-log

Films is wrong I’m pretty sure it needs /u/ before it but the others look right.

Well if the export list is not showing u then adding it doesn’t make sense :wink:

ls -lah /mnt/Movie shows the right content?
ls -lah /mnt/Anime is empty?
ls -lah /mnt/Shows is empty?

But we made that list, and all of the others have t/ v/ r/ in front of them just like my NFS export except that one :stuck_out_tongue:

Anime, Tv Shows and the second (U:/) movie folder show up as empty in mnt.

No, we didn’t made that list, that is what your server is reporting to the world. So the last line should be /mnt/Films and nothing else.

Ok, back to testing.

sudo systemctl stop autofs
sudo automount -f -v -d

And in another window do the ls commands.

They all seem to work! Except for Films (U:/) :stuck_out_tongue: that’s still empty so something is wrong with that one.

One other issue I have, if I go into kodi> files > directory back when I was using hanewin through kodi interface it showed me all the files it couldn’t process into the directory (e.g. family guy episodes 10-15 are there but there is also an episode 11.5 which is later calles S00E115 but right now nobody does anything with it so it’s just 11.5.) Normally it would show up in my kodi file list as a file but didn’t import it to the library, now it doesn’t seem to show it in the mnt either? Or am I missing something.

You’re getting really close to be done with me tho, just the films, template for Vero’s (or short do this and that) and some help with the relinking (and future building of a db myself) and I promise I won’t bother you anymore unless something horrible happens to the computer :stuck_out_tongue:

How come suddenly?

Did you removed the u? How is auto.nfs.shares looking right now?

This is hard to understand. Normally your Library will only show files that are correctly scraped. Via Video Files you get all your files.
But that is the next step of cleaning out your sources when we have the mounting done stable and correct.

I have no idea, all networking is close to magic to me so i’m not surprised haha.
Like that.

Well the easiest way to explain it is with The Smurfs. My kid loves it but it’s ancient and a lot of the episodes on tvdb/xem aren’t scraped because nobody puts time into it since, it’s ancient. But they used to show up as “unscraped” in files, that would still allow a playback, but now they don’t seem to show up. But that’s the next problem. First this, then vero, then the rest :smiley: and thank you again.

Change /mnt/Films to /mnt/Films and reboot

They will come in files when you add them as sources. You just can add /mnt as source with content none to make it available in files.

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It all seems to be working! For now at least! :stuck_out_tongue: I have a Films (2), Tv Shows (2) and everything but that’ll get fixed haha. I’m just glad most things seem to play!

You will have to explain me that as the last thing, it’s of minor importance but sometimes some things don’t get picked up so it’s nice to know you can still find those things :slight_smile:.

So, the most important thing right now, doing the same with a vero 4k, without it turning into a coaster :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t say it enough, I’m sorry for taking up all of your time but i’m very grateful. I’ve been struggling without really complaining about it for more than a year so I’m really happy :smiley:

What do you mean with that?

Go to Videos → Files → Add Videos → Browse → Root Filesystem → mnt → OK → give a name → OK → OK on next screen

I have written it twice not sure if it gets more clear when I write it a third time.

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