NFS and SMB together

Quick question that I hope isn’t too stupid! I cannot access my NFS shares on my Vero V from my Windows 10 Home computer File Explorer. While I communicate to the Vero V with SSH and transfer files using Winscp, I still like to have access using Explorer on windows. If I install SMB will it affect my NFS shares? Thanks.

It won’t affect it.

Windows has an NFS client. It just isn’t installed by default and they don’t make enabling it particularly obvious. A web search should give you all the info you need if you want to go that route.

Thanks! @darwindesign I believe that is only for Windows 10 Pro.

I think it was NFS server used to be available in Win 10 Pro (and that has since changed as well to only server and enterprise or something) but client never got pulled from anywhere AFAIK. I can’t say definitively as I’ve never used it, but it might be worth taking a quick look.

fwiw I gave up with Windoze and NFS when I went from win10 pro to win11 home. My media is shared with both nfs (for linux clients) and Samba.