NFS - can browse to and play .mp4 but cannot play music files

OK and thanks.
I have outlined above my objectives regarding the use of this device but I am seeking help here. I could do a fresh install and start over but will still need help. Setting up YouTube was a pain but is now working well so I would rather clean up my system and get it all working correctly than starting again.
If somebody has time and interest to help that would be great.

Meanwhile I shall put this device aside and play with a spare which is at present has a basic installation only.

Thanks to all for the help,

Discretion is the better part…
I see from my ‘spare’ Vero 4K+ that I had my Videos set for using nfs and is not working but my Music is working from a UPnP source, ie from the NAS but served by minimserver running on the NAS. This works well and uses all the tagging already built so I shall forget using the nfs connection.

Looking at adopting the same principle I still have a Video server on the NAS which also works using UPnP. I know this is not very secure but neither is NFSv3.0 so I shall use the UPnP connection and waste no more time on this now.

Post Script:-

It is clear all the problems were with the NAS settings. Having revised these in the NAS and after replacing my original Vero 4K I can select the nfs source and configure the Music tracks to play from the Music folder and Videos to play from the Videos folder without any issues and without any delays or lagging.
I have disabled my addition to /etc/fstab as this is not required. I assume the nfs is mounted by autofs.
Hope this helps some others.

Bottom line is I can either play sources served from server apps in NAS, sources served by nfs server in NAS and I expect I can use some of the installed capability in OSMC if wanted.

If you have a working system mount now that is able to access both audio and video folders then dumping the current library is trivial to start over. All you need to do is stop mediacenter from the terminal and delete the databases, sources.xml, and the Thumbnails folder. You can then start mediacenter again, and then add your sources back pointing them to your working system mount. Personally I much prefer playing my content (save for the odd “watch once and delete” stuff I keep in a non-scraped source) via the library rather than file view. AFAIK Kodi does not allow UPnP sources to be added to the library.

Hi and many thanks. Not too familiar with the OSMC system so how do I stop the mediacentre?

I can clean up the files and hopefully restart but now…
I have switched back to my original Vero and have nfs mounts in my Video>Files>Videos folder and similarly Music>Files>Music.

I can select and play but I have not yet tried to use the media centre capabilities. How does this work if my data is already available with nfs connection and how should I use the media centre.

Regarding UPnP this seemed to work the same way as far as browsing and playing is concerned but I need to understand the library function better. One step at a time.

Kodi runs under a service in OSMC called “mediacenter” so to stop Kodi so you can mess around with its files you just, at the terminal, issue…

systemctl stop mediacenter

and then to start it again…

systemctl start mediacenter

All the files I was talking about are in the /home/osmc/.kodi folder. If you delete any of the files I referenced when you start Kodi again it will recreate new files automatically.