NFS errors

I see a bunch of errors like this in my kodi log. Pretty sure I know why they are showing up. My file names have capital letters for the first letter of each word and this error is showing all lower case so it can’t find the file even though its there. My question is why is it looking for all lower case lettering to begin with?

NFS: Failed to stat(volume1/web/movies1/john wick - chapter 2 (2017)/john wick - chapter 2 (2017).blu-ray.atmos-fanart.jpg) stat call failed with “NFS: Lookup of /movies1/john wick - chapter 2 (2017)/john wick - chapter 2 (2017).blu-ray.atmos-fanart.jpg failed with NFS3ERR_NOENT(-2)”

Well you would need to share more of the logs to answer that question. Is the path coming from a database entry and has it changed in the meantime?

Yes. I changed two things. I added a usb gigabit ethernet adapter and I changed from fstab to nfs for my source. For some reason script.module.metadatautils addon stops working when using fstab. Everything seems to work ok. Movies play. Just not sure what these errors are

Hi. Just wondering if you had a chance to look at the log. I don’t really get what is going on. I noticed if I switch from fstab to nfs I get these errors. Also my animatedposters dont work. If I switch back to ftab they work. I use nfo’s for my library so is that the reason? I use a pc to test things on my library and everything work perfect there. Using a mapped network drive so samba for testing. What is special about fstab vs nfs? I’m asking because certain features stop working when using fstab. Not sure why.

First don’t switch between the two as your Database will become a big mess that you can not even overcome with path substitution anymore.

There shouldn’t be a major difference other than the speed, but it also depends on your autofs/fstab setting as you might force a different nfs version or other options.
You write fstab but as I couldn’t see any fstab entries in your logs I assume you refer to autofs, or?

My suggestion go with autofs and stick with it. Remove your Kodi database and do one clear source run.

Yeah that log I sent was using nfs through kodi. I reset the database and started from scratch and was getting those errors. I switched back to fstab again so my source is now /mnt/movies. I was more wondering why those errors were popping up. It’s basically as if I can’t use regular nfs anymore. I’m working through the setup slowly as I suspect maybe there is an addon causing things to stop working. It doesn’t take too long to kill the database and rebuild it so no big deal.

Well I was expecting it coming from old database entries if that is not the case I suggest you use (when adding the Kodi nfs source not autofs) Settings - File Manager to check how the movies on the NFS share are shown in the File Manager.