Nfs Export problem between two OSMC - fails

have been running OSMC and raspbmc for a while now,
have some 2,5" disks attached to a RPI2B on my main tv running OSMC-
I have an older RPI B in the bedroom - earlier I’ve been running raspbmc on it and been able to see films stored on the disks on the other RPI2 - now I’ve upgraded to OSMC and I no longer can mount the drives from the RPI2 - any hints or clues ?


Some logs would certainly help…


sorry - took me a while to set up an raspbmc to make sure I wasn’t lying.
turns out I was! ! :frowning:
my when changing to OSMC - the machine got a new IP - and I hadn’t configured the /etc/export to allow the new machine to mount it

sorry !