NFS Media Server for OSMC | Do I need Plex?

I have about 500 GB of music - CDs I purchased and converted to MP3, and a ton of Grateful Dead, Phish and Widespread Panic recordings. Lorem Ipsum Temp Mail

I also have some video files I ripped from discs.

I have a 8 TB 32GB Dell server I would like to use to be able to access all of my material. I have Ubuntu 18.04 on it, and I was going to set up a NFS server to serve the content to my Raspberry Pi running OSMC. The Pi and the server are both connected to a switch via Ethernet.

Today I discovered Plex server. Would this be better to use instead of NFS? Would I still need to use NFS? What is Plex server in general and what would be the advantages of running it? Would it at least allow me to organize my massive collection better?

It depends on how you are sharing the music. I personally just have everything NFS mounted and use Kodi. Plex to me is an added layer of complexity that is not really needed.

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Plex is only useful if you need to transcode stuff. Otherwise avoid. I’ve been using Openmediavault on an old HP microserver to serve my 12 TB library for the best part of a decade. Rock solid.